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"The new mom's support group has given me a forum to learn how to be the best mom
I can be. I have had the opprtunity to network with other local mom's and
set up playdate's for my son. Jen does a great job helping guide the group into
some great discussions. Its so kind of her to open her heart and home to those needing either an extra hand or a spare ear!"

Heidi/Callum- Croton on Hudson, NY

"Almost immediately,  my husband and I knew Jennifer would be a great postpartum asset to us. It being our first child and our wedding scheduled one month after Sofi’s birth, we knew we needed to call in some big guns. Jen lived up to our expectations and so much more. She is reliable, flexible, and a wealth of knowledge. I am grateful for the conversations where Jen offered her listening and problem solving skills. I truly felt and still feel I have a trustworthy friend in Jen. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Doulas. There is a very strong and passionate devotion required for this field. Jen fits that mold... and in my opinion, has broken the mold!"

April- NY 

"Jennifer was absolutely amazing when our daughter was born. Not only did she instruct and support us (the first-time parents) she instructed and supported the whole family, making sure visiting family members ate, slept and - most importantly - felt comfortable handling our little one. Also, she was an invaluable help with breastfeeding/pumping...  we ran into a lot of difficulties in the beginning, but Jennifer guided us through it all. Without her, I never would have been able to reach my breastfeeding/pumping goals. With her, I did! We cannot recommend Jennifer more highly - she is terrific."

A & S- Rye, NY

"Jen was an amazing support to me and my husband both before and after our son was born.  She made herself readily available to answer all questions and concerns we may have had every step of the way. At our first meeting we knew that we needed someone with her background, experience, and personality to help us along with out first baby. Her expertise as a lactation counselor particularly helped me, as my baby was early and in the NICU, and initially bottle fed. Needless to say I breast fed consistently until going back to work thanks to Jen.  Her knowledge of baby items helped us in preparing our home for our baby and her hands on approach and support made us feel at ease." 

Francine R.- Piermont, NY

"Jennifer was absolutely wonderful to my family. With my 3rd child, my primary needs were to keep the house running and my older children on schedule while my attention was devoted to the baby. Jennifer perfectly filled that role, helping with everything from household chores to groceries. She's just a lovely person, and is a bundle of energy to boot, which is perfect for the sleep-deprived new mom! I had also thought that as a 3rd-time mom, I wouldn't have any nursing questions, but I was wrong. When the baby was failing to gain back his birth weight, Jennifer was incredibly supportive, offering helpful advice to help make nursing a success. In short, she made it much, much easier to get through those first several weeks until we could get back on our feet as a family. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to new moms!"

Sheri H.- Mount Kisco, NY

"Mingling Moms was a great support for this first time mom!  When my son was born, I realized that I had a lot to learn. Hearing other new moms express many of the same thoughts and worries as myself has helped me to know that I'm not alone. The group was also a great introduction to some new mommy friends. Jennifer is so generous in opening her home to new moms and creates a safe atmosphere where we can say whatever is on our mind. When I leave the group, I take home a handful of articles on a variety of topics (ex. infant massage, teething, nutrition) and a renewed sense of confidence about mommyhood." 

Angela R./Liam- Croton-on-Hudson, NY

"Jen was a huge support to my husband and I after our first child was born 4 weeks early.  Jen's knowledge and advice helped me through early difficulties with breastfeeding and our baby's sleeping habits. Without Jen, baby Ben's first month at home would have been much more difficult for the whole family. Jen was not only there for us to help with nursing and infant care but she was so supportive emotionally as I went through the "typical" first time mother fears and stresses.  She really became a friend and was always accessible to answer my questions and calm my nerves. Jen provided us with such an arsenal of tools to provide the best care for our son.  I always felt better about how we were doing with the baby after Jen left. I would recommend Jen to any family, but especially to first time parents!"

Melissa A./Benjamin- Hawthorne, NY

"Jen has a fantastic energy about her and she was such an amazing support for me and my family before and after our baby #2 arrived.  We met with Jen and hired her prior to my son's birth and I felt a certain comfort knowing that I would have Jen's support postpartum. In the time before giving birth, she made herself available to answer any questions I had and even stopped over for a quick visit. Once the baby arrived, I felt so supported in her presence and I also knew that she was a text or phone call away, day or night. There were a lot of questions I had regarding breastfeeding and she was always quick to respond, offer advice and take care of me in any way possible. She always checked in to see how I was doing on days she wasn't with us. When you come home from the hospital after giving birth, everyday tasks may seem overwhelming and knowing that Jen was coming over made things feel less daunting. The time she spent in our home was so helpful and such a positive experience for me and my family."

Shari S.- Somers, NY

"Jen was an amazing support to me and my family when we needed her most! With a newborn, an almost 3 year old and a husband who travels a lot for work, she was dedicated to helping us during our busiest times. My older son loved playing with her and I felt at such ease when she handled my newborn. She is professional and completely reliable! It was also nice to just have her to chat about mommy things. I highly recommend her."

Angeline- NY

"Jen was absolutely fabulous from the moment I met her when I interviewed her. I feel so lucky to have found such a helpful and invaluable and loving person such as Jen who helped me care for my kids as if they were her own.  Jen started working with us the week after our second child was born and made the transition from one to two kids much easier for me. She helped me to become more organized, to manage my time better with both kids, and made everything a lot less overwhelming for me. I am so happy I found Jen."

-Jenn T.- Katonah, NY

"Jen was a wonderful support to our family after the birth ofour second daughter. When I was faced with difficulties nursing, Jen offered practical, hands-on advice that helped me greatly in overcoming the challenges and I am still nursing my baby almost a year later. Jen provided both emotional and logistical support in the midst of many changes and helped keep the household running smoothly. She also developed a strong connection with my 2 year old daughter who was going through the adjustment of having a new sibling. Jen is reliable, trustworthy, easy to be around, and blends easily into the fabric of a family. She is a true gift to any family with a new baby to care for."

-K.S.- Westchester, NY

"I can't thank Jennifer enough for all the support and guidance she gave me during the first couple months with my son.  Breastfeeding was a challenge for me, but Jennifer was there every step of the way to help make it easier.  As a new mother, her help and knowledge was invaluable."

- Haley W./Andrew- Westchester, NY

"Jen was with me for a few months after my twins arrived. Without her
presence and guidance, I would not have known what to do during those exhaustive early days. She gave me lots of practical advice and suggestions, kept my mind focused on each task at hand, showed me how to do certain things that I was nervous about, and gradually I became more comfortable with taking care of two babies. Taking care of twins is still hard but I am thankful that Jen was there as my guide in the beginning."

- Helen C.- Tarrytown, NY

"I can't say enough about how helpful Jennifer was when my son was born. She came to my house and by the time she left that first day I was more organized than the whole time the baby nurse was with me. She was instrumental in my breast feeding success, helping me both in the NICU at the hospital and in my home. I truly appreciate the support she gave me both in person and when answering my breast feeding questions on the phone. Jennifer is kind, caring and patient and most importantly, she helped me to feel comfortable in my new role as a mother. I recommend her services highly, especially to first time mothers." 

Stephanie L./Justin- Tarrytown, NY

"Jennifer was a life-saver! I was going through PPD (postpartum depression) with a colicky baby and she was there to give me advice and to be an emotional support.  She would provide advice, listen to me when I was going through a rough time, and was just an overall good support system. She helped me become more confident in motherhood. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Ronni D./Alexandra- Larchmont, NY

"Jennifer helped us during the first three months with our twins. Having twins is a
wonderful experience, but it can be overwhelming from time to time. Jennifer gave us
practical advice on how to care for them and how to manage stressful situations, such
as, when they are both crying at the same time. Her support and knowledge was very
useful and helped us adjust to our life with newborn twins. I would highly recommend
her service to anyone!"

M.W - Bronxville, NY

"It was great having Jennifer with us to help out when we came home from the hospital with our little one. The emotional support she provided was so important to me and helped me get through those difficult first few weeks. She was extremely supportive of nursing and helped me through some challenges I was facing. Not only was she there for me, but she was great with my son and I felt comfortable taking a much needed nap while she cared for him. I will definitely recommend Jennifer to friends and family."

Sarah D./Harrison- Scarsdale, NY

"Jennifer is the best! My husband and I feel so lucky to have found her and are so thankful for all her help with our first baby. She made herself available even before he was born-answering so many questions and relieving much of the anxiety that most new parents have. After our son was born, Jennifer was key to my breastfeeding success- in fact, without her, I probably would have quit given the many complications I begun with. Having her come to our house was like having a most supportive friend over and each time she left, we felt more confident in our new roles in parenthood. I couldn't recommend her more!"

Sujean R./Charlie- Chappaqua, NY