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Postpartum Support

Lactation Support:  During this time I will help you with any breastfeeding issues that might arise during the postpartum period.

Light Housekeeping:  From loading the dishwasher to running errands, I will help you in these areas so that you can bond with your baby. If you would like meals cooked for you and your family, I will be pleased to prepare them for you.

Emotional and Informational Support:  The postpartum period can be a very overwhelming time and life with baby can be a very intimidating new world. Having me with you in this time can be very beneficial in helping you through the emotions that come with this new transition. Having a supportive atmosphere can be relieving and healing at the same time.

Infant, Mother, and Sibling Care:  Taking care of a new baby can be very challenging in the postpartum period. I will be there to help assist you with giving your baby a bath or cutting his/her fingernails and helping out with the siblings in the house. Most importantly, I will be there to help take care of you and your needs.

Transportation:  If you need me to drive you to a doctor's visit or to run errands for you (food shopping, post office, pharmacy…) it would be my pleasure.

Pre and Post Support:  From helping you set up a registry to continuing contact with you after my in home care has expired, I am still available for your needs. When you feel that you are ready to let go of my services, but still have questions and/or concerns, we can set up time to talk.