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Lactation Support & Counseling

 Hospital/Home Birth Lactation Services After Delivery: I can come to see you after you've delivered your baby to ensure a good start with breastfeeding. This is a wonderful feature of our service to guarantee you support from a lactation counselor from the very beginning. Whether you deliver in a hospital or at home, I will come to you.

Consultation and Follow up: This service is comprised of two visits. The first visit is to discuss any issues you may be having with breastfeeding and/or to answer any questions you have. During this time I will observe a feeding or two to see what areas recommendations can be made. The second visit is a follow up to see how breastfeeding is progressing. I will assess another feeding or two and provide you with as much information and support that you need.

24/7 Phone and Email Service: I will be available to you 24/7 via phone and email during your time of support.